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Originating from Beirut, Tay Salem has found the dark moody streets of London to be the perfect home and backdrop to this inspiration debut E.P.

Launched through Alter The Motion the powerfully atmospheric track ‘Palms’ sits right in the middle of the release. The verses carry the melancholy aura with the intertwining vocal and piano melodies. The chorus climaxes with big powerful hits dominating the back as echoing synths and beautifully layered vocals carry the emotion. A middle section creeps in a more upbeat driven groove, catching you off guard in a way fans of Frank Ocean would appreciate.

Rarely have artists in this genre reached the vast size and immensity of tracks by the likes of The Weeknd, but Tay Salem has managed it. With the dynamism of ‘Palms’ amidst such an impressive debut E.P, many will be eagerly anticipating a lot more to come.

Words by Dan Shannon

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