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It’s easy to see where North East trio Tessera Skies are coming from when they say that they’ve been influenced by Sigur Ros and Wild Beasts. There’s a touch of wistful English romanticism entwined with the Icelanders’ sweeping epic drama in their music, which has rightfully made them one of the region’s foremost purveyors of atmospheric indie-pop.

Perhaps more surprising is the fact that the band have two albums under their belt and have gone relatively unnoticed outside of a select number of die-hard fans (myself included). Releases like ‘Droplet,’ though, might be set to change that.

It’s testament to their talent that they’re releasing ‘Droplet’ as a split single with Ajimal, featuring remixes from Dutch Uncles and ShArds. Elements of the lyrics draw on the animalistic nature of Wild Beasts (“I am not all beast/ Cavorting with without thought or speech”) but it’s the looping synth foundation and the gradual building of sonic layers that really deserve attention here. What’s amazing is that the cacophonous sound that the band works up to reaches a crescendo in a mere two minutes and forty seconds, yet never feels rushed or underdeveloped. The remaining forty seconds of the track is dedicated to gentler echoed pianos and swirling electronic feedback that’s simply blissful. If Tessera Skies were under the radar before now, ‘Droplet’ could be the tune that helps them become a shining beacon for the region.

 Words by Eugenie

Tip by Bob Allan

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