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Sometimes a song will drop into my inbox and end up going straight to my favourites list to be repeated for days, ‘Tame’ from The Boxing, a psych trio out of Leeds, is a prime example. A swirling wash that feels like floating through a dreamy daze on a summer day.

‘Tame’ has a lighter feel than previous releases from the trio that have tended to lean towards a dronier psych sound in the park of some old Stoner Rock and The Boxing offer up a fresher and airier overall journey in the track. Whilst the main body of the song carries some of the same downbeat and somewhat melancholy weight of previous songs with effect heavy guitar plucking lightly whilst a droning guitar chord strikes out and vocals harmonising alongside, the chorus comes along and opens the curtains, allowing the light to shine in with an uplifting switch that gives a great contrast throughout the song that shifts back and forth a few times.

‘Tame’ is a fantastic song and it looks to present an exciting new direction for the group, the light and uplifting elements go a long way to expand on a sound that they have already developed and it will be interesting to see what they choose to focus on as they move forward from here.

Words by Rich Anderson

Tipped by Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings

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