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Today’s tip comes from London based artist Amber Bain, better known as The Japanese House.

Clean’, is a stunning and ethereal track, laced with glitchy electronic parts and multiple layers of dreamlike vocals, reminiscent of the likes of Imogen Heap, and some of the more downbeat moments typical of The 1975 (who, incidentally, are both label mates and co-producers to The Japanese House).

Similarly to the rest of her output, ‘Clean’ proves that Bain possesses an extraordinary amount of talent, which belies her youth; the triad of elegant vocal delivery, beautifully hazy imagery and flawless production, is what will (and is already beginning to) result in the inevitable fusion of The Japanese House and euphoric heights. The release of Bain’s debut EP ‘Pools To Breathe In‘ back in April was incredibly well-received, and was subject to masses of critical acclaim (most notably of which from Beats 1 resident Zane Lowe). Her next effort is destined to follow suit.

Clean’, the title track of the forthcoming EP, is available to stream via iTunes. The EP is due on November 6th, via Dirty Hit.

Words by Joe Allan

Tipped by Joe Schiavon from Global

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