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Imagine a mash-up of 90’s noisemongers Ride and garage revivalists The Chesterfield Kings and you might get somewhere close to the melody-rich soundscapes of Carlisle quartet The Lucid Dream.

‘Cold Killer’, a track taken from their upcoming self titled album due to drop on March 30th, is an unrelenting assault on the senses.

The seemingly impenetrable distortion-heavy wall of sound is breached only sporadically by the dreamlike vocals, peppered by blasts of mood organ before building up to an intense cacophony, leaving the listener satisfyingly exhausted.

The Lucid Dream have achieved something quite special here by striking the perfect balance between heavy, distorted instrumentation and a melody which sticks with you long after the four and half minutes of ‘Cold Killer’ end.

Words by Steven Farkas
Tipped by Chris Horkan

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