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British garage-rock band The Surfing Magazines are no strangers to creating good music. You may recognise two thirds of their members from The Wave Pictures and half of Slow Club contributing to the classic surf-guitar tracks, and having just finished off a UK tour they’re bringing their retro guitar sounds to defy the indie-pop-rockers of 2017.

‘New Day’ is a no-fuss, no-mess rock track at under 3 minutes to keep it short and sweet, with The Underground Velvet and Bob Dylan as influences and a love for 1960’s rock.

The funk guitar riffs and powerful drums make you feel as if you should be rocking out in an underground dive bar, starting mellow with simple yet strong vocals accompanying the classic instrumental backing.

The guitars and drums build up again to a cracking instrumental where you feel like you’re listening to a live set, with electric guitar solos progressing with the powerful drum rhythms. You can hear every chord and beat through the striking and unpretentious flow of instruments, igniting a last glimpse of summer through The Surf Magazines classic surf-rock track.

Words by Rebecca Jackson

Tipped by Bex Smallwood from Republic of Music

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