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We continue to shine the spotlight the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK. Each Monday, we ask one of our esteemed tippers to select five of their hottest tips to be featured on the site throughout the week.

Next up we have Ella Gregg who has worked within the music industry since the age of 18. Having previously held the role of community manager and scout for artist development platform Secret Sessions, Ella has recently set up her own artist management company 321 Artists. Discover some of the best new artists and bands around right now in Ella’s tips below.


Ciircus Street are an indie duo based in Reading. These two solo artists came together a few years ago to create this incredible force of indie guitar lines and unforgettable harmonies. Armed with their acoustic guitar and piano, the pair have great chemistry which is evident during their performances, with interaction with the audience just as important as the songs they play.



Chris Reardon is a cocktail of folk and blues experiments based in London. He has received credit from BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 and that’s no surprise. Watching him perform, the passion from his lyrics comes alive on stage and it’s completely infectious. He is just about to release his next EP which I’m sure is going to be absolutely stunning.



Lauran Hibberd makes me so excited. She is an indie-pop songwriter from the Isle of Wight, who delivers punchy track after track, continuously bringing her thoughts to life. Her track ‘Eliza’, a favourite of mine, is about Lauran’s voice in her head, but describes it as a girl “serving me in coffee shops, waiting at my bus stop”. With a string of impressive support gigs under her belt and more for this year, there’s no escaping this fierce young woman and her work.



Moonoversun are a male and female duo who will answer all your pop dreams. Some of the most organic, yet state-of-the-art sounding electronic textures being formed into creative pop tracks like their most recent ‘GIRLS/BOYS’ – a unique female empowerment anthem. As well as this, ‘Flux’ – a futuristic world in an elastic, frenetic beat, and a mixtape that shows their ingenious sound design prowess. This all comes under their own tag of ‘Wonk’ pop, one look into the future of artistic pop.



Kero Kero Bonito is the equivalent of my wildcard. They are completely different to any of my other tips, but they cannot be missed. Their complex history of music goes from their beginnings in the world of the growing ‘PC music’ community/label with uplifting dancey hits like ‘Trampoline’ and ‘Flamingo’, drawing heavily on J-pop sound aesthetics with hyper-polished beats. Their most recent release is a dramatic and welcome departure from this, offering a far more varied and imaginative set of four tracks that include full guitar-band arrangements, with ‘You Know How It Is’ and ‘Only Acting’ providing a clash of something like The Cardigans and Weezer, keeping their own ironic electronic edge too. ‘Cinema’ and ‘The One True Path’ offer creative and muted synth-groove goodness, with the lyrics painting a more abstract image.

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