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There is a lot of buzz around duo Vienna Ditto and this track ‘Oh Josephine‘ is moody, dark supporting evidence of that buzz being well founded.

Lo-fi guitars, processed beats and atmospheric synths all combine wonderfully to create a bed for the aloof vocals to lounge about on seductively. Think Portishead, a darker Dubstar, St Etienne and The Long Blondes playing in various corners of a Japanese airport at 3.00am as Kraftwerk arrive on a flight from Berlin and that should just about nail this one for you. If you like your music stylish and cooler than you could ever hope to be then I would recommend Vienna Ditto for you to do minimalist dancing to in a dark Soho club – just ask the DJ.

Words by Roland Monger @ Listen with Monger

Tipped by Dave Maul from Are You Listening?

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