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This afternoon’s tip is a debut from London based Zach Said. His track ‘Screw Loose‘ gives a new spin on catchy soul that has a great potential to infiltrate the mainstream; in that ‘Happy’ kind of way, but this time it’s a cheeky number about being crazy in love.

What’s interesting about Zach Said’s sound is you could consider it a combination of rap and R&B influences from overseas with a pinch of soulful indie music from the UK. Fans of Chance the Rapper as well as fans of acts like Jack Garratt will enjoy the carefree attitude of this track.

The track has been picked up by BBC Radio One extra as track of the week. It’s impressive that with just one track he has showcased killer songwriting skills and ‘Screw Loose‘ boasts a lot of potential.

Words by Tilly Dowman

Tip by Henry Carden

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