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Will Apple And Tidal Go West?

In a further twist to the pantomime speculation surrounding Apple’s potential acquisition of Tidal,Kanye West (pictured) took to Twitter this week demanding that the deal is done. As previously reported, rumours have been swirling for several weeks that Apple...
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Is Audio Killing Video Star?

According to a new mid-year report from market monitor BuzzAngle, audio streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music have overtaken YouTube for the first time ever in the first six months of 2016 in the US. On-demand streams...
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Apple To Buy Tidal?

The latest from what The Gen likes to refer to as the streaming wars- a bit like robot wars but with more algorithms and curated playlists. Perhaps one day we’ll look back and laugh at how fragmented it all...
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Apple Music: Service Hits 13m

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple Music has gained 2 million subscribers since February, surpassing 13 million this month, and is on track to top 20m by the end of the year. In an earnings call reported by Music...
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Apple Music Hits 10m Subscribers

Apple Music has attracted over ten million paying users in seven months the Financial Times reported this week. The would be Spotify slaying service launched at the end of June last year with a free three month trial, hitting...
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Apple Snags Swift Exclusive

Apple has shown its streaming hand this week, with the announcement of the exclusive release of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ world tour video. The release will be available in its entirety exclusively to Apple Music members around the world- A...
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Apple Plants Seed with Sonos

Exciting news from the insane world of home audio- As anticipated, Apple Music will be compatible with Sonos in public beta from December 15th, with general availability early next year. The public beta will allow many features of Apple...
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Apple Music: 6.5m paying subscribers

According to the latest figures, Apple has retained 60% of its users since the three month free trial of Apple Music expired, with over 15m total users including 6.5m paying subscribers and 8.5m who are still in the free...
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Apple Music Hits 15m

According to a new batch of shadowy ‘sources’ and as reported in the New York Post, Apple Music now has 15 million users as it approaches the end of its three-month free trail period. Approximately half of these have...


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