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When you think of a one-man band you’d probably imagine a guy with long socks, a keyboard strapped to him, drum on his back and cymbals around his head. Well, that stereotype is changing. Emerging artist Youngr is definitely...
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Having impressed with the shimmering and vibrant synth pop of their debut track ‘Youth In Decay’, Brighton trio Troves switch the tempo for the B-side. Dropped on SoundCloud last month, ‘Afterthought’ is a simple but extremely effective slab of melancholic...
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London based Laura-Jean did the rounds in guitar-pop outfit Screaming Ballerinas not so long ago, but, since returning as a solo artist she’s really upped her game. In coming back with two debut tracks, ‘Drum Roll’ and ‘Levitate’, Laura-Jean...
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The great thing about The Tipping Point is that you can always rely on us to deliver some of the hottest new music on offer. Every day there’s a hefty slab of the hottest, freshest tracks right there on...


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