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There is something rather spell-like in the brief description given of Sun Up, ‘Dreamy Scando-pop band from Hackney, London’.  There is an element of Sun Up that is instantly on trend, as there are an ever-growing number of exciting...
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Despite only existing as a band since late 2013, London four-piece Maui have rather impressively already put together a four track EP. Self-recorded and self-released, the ‘Winter High’ EP is a lo-fi affair, drenched with reverb and off-kilter vocals....
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Autumn is my favourite time of year, I think. I love crispy mornings, hearing leaves crunch under my feet. I love the warm reds and oranges of a toasty fall fire on a cosy autumn night. Most of all,...
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I recently bought a new record player, and I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a physical object since the first few Christmases that I can remember. I was a late comer amongst my peers to the vinyl...
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If my over-bearing hatred for those checking in to enjoy their summer jollies hadn’t yet reached boiling point, this joyously shimmering Summer anthem from Manchester’s Oceaán has gone some way to tipping me over the edge. Loosely weaving contemporary influences...
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Bristol based Oliver Wilde has conjured up a gorgeous blend of lo-fi electronic singer-songwriter mastery with current single and free download ‘Curve (Good Grief)’. The track has an enthrallingly airy quality which perfectly complements the floating-in-the-sky theme of Oliver’s...


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