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Lords Licensing Knock Back

An amendment to the Licensing Act 2003 proposing that local authorities consider “social or cultural” benefits when granting live music licenses has been slapped down in the Lords and withdrawn by its sponsor. Liberal Democrat Lord Tim Clement-Jones last...
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BBC to Launch Streaming Service

The BBC has announced plans to launch its own streaming service, which would feature a mix of recorded tracks and live sessions taken from across the BBC’s TV and radio output. In addition, audiences would have the option to...
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PRS: Cloud Cover

In one of the biggest slabs of industry news this month, the legal eagles are hovering as PRS for Music have announced that it is taking legal action against streaming service SoundCloud. As reported here by Music Week, PRS...
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Boom Boom Baboom!

Kim Dotcom’s (pictured, looking like a villain from The Running Man) involvement in the music industry has to date closely resembled a badly directed 80’s action film, so its perhaps fitting that the streaming service he developed has now...
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True Believers

Mark Jones’s Wall of Sound label has signed a worldwide distribution deal with Believe Digital for the label’s new release catalogue. New projects from Wall of Sound include Liverpool two-piece Killaflaw, Rui da Silva, London based band Ekkoes and...
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Root and Branch: BBC Review

The UK Government has set out its stall with regard to its forthcoming review of the BBC’s Royal Charter, which will amount to a fundamental review of the corporation’s function, remit and funding model. The Royal Charter establishes the...
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Royalty Assent: Collection Societies

Enthusiasts of pan-European music licensing hubs will not be disappointed this week, as key collection societies PRS for Music (UK), STIM (Sweden) and GEMA (Germany) officially join forces. The combined venture will apparently increase the speed and accuracy of...
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Cue Fanfare: Apple Music

Astute readers of The Gen will have already noticed that plucky technology upstart Apple launched its new streaming service yesterday. Read on for The Gen’s initial impressions. More Lowe key than low key, in addition to a potentially Spotify...
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Beggars Can Be Choosers

Beggars Group supremo Martin Mills, whose labels include XL, Matador, Rough Trade and 4AD confirmed recently that the Group hasn’t currently licensed their catalogue to Apple Music, due to launch in a fortnight. In a memo sent to the label...


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