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Geldof: I Don’t Like Moandays

The shoe is on the other foot for Sir Bob Geldof, who is being sued by a former bandmate for co-ownership of the copyright in the 1979 Boomtown Rats song and huge hit ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’. The band’s...
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Non-Bohemian Rhapsody

The latest in the line for streaming related litigation is Rhapsody, with David Lowery once again leading the charge against allegedly unpaid mechanical royalties for songs played on the service. Rhapsody, alongside Spotify, Google Play and others, is accused...
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Streaming Tide Turns for Universal

In a significant landmark for major record labels, Universal Music Group (UMG) has become the first recorded music business to generate a billion dollars of revenue from streaming services in a calendar year. According to analysis from at Music...
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The Beatport Goes On

Digital retailer Beatport has confirmed that it will settle outstanding label supplier payments, following delays and reports that major labels had been paid whilst independent labels were left hanging. The so-called ‘trapped’ royalties were delayed due to Beatport’s parent...
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Root and Branch: BBC Review

The UK Government has set out its stall with regard to its forthcoming review of the BBC’s Royal Charter, which will amount to a fundamental review of the corporation’s function, remit and funding model. The Royal Charter establishes the...
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FAC: Labels “Nothing” Without Artists

The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) has spoken out against Sony after the major label asserted that it has no obligation to pass certain revenues from digital platforms along to artists. Following the breaking breakage scandal broken by The Gen,...
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Digital and Physical On Par

According to a report published this month by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), global revenues from digital music services matched those from physical format sales for the first time in 2014. The report, which can be...
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BASCA: Dawn of the Dead

The British Academy Of Songwriters, Composers And Authors (BASCA) have this week announced a new campaign called ‘The Day The Music Died’. Which all sounds very cheerful but is actually designed to highlight concerns in the ‘songwriter community’ (is...
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Spotify Issues Swift Riposte

As Spotify passes the mark of 50 million registered users, the fallout from a perfectly swift storm continues, with Founder Daniel Ek responding to Taylor Swift’s (pictured) decision to pull her entire catalogue from the service. Ek’s response, which...


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