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Liverpool-based electronic producers DROHNE are breath of fresh air within the genre at the moment. As new artists perfect their grooves and clean cut melodies, the duo are concocting some dark and mysterious sounds. Reminiscent of acts like Trust...
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“So many people telling me I should be living easy” Summer is here and whilst 2016’s summer-months usher in the prevalence of factor–50, lurid green alcoholic mixers, and nostalgia-tinged internet-memes like Simpsonwave: it’s clear listening to London-based Aaron’s new...
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A fusion of jagged bridges, melodic harmonies and heavy electronic keys are only some of the components that make ‘If You Wait’ by Shards a simple yet hypnotic and refreshing change to pop listening. As a new and experimental pop sound, Shards‘...
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It’s been a couple of years since Manchester’s Gymnast released their acclaimed debut album, Wild Fleet. In the intervening period they’ve been in New York, writing, recording, refining and preparing a new EP. The recently shared ‘Young Blood’ suggests this...
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Remember that patronising idiom “in one ear out the other” when your focus drifted at school? When trigonometry or chemistry couldn’t quite steal your attention from girls, boys, or scrawling genitalia on text books? Or those flapjacks half dipped...
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Depending on where you look, MiNNETONKA is either a city, a lake or a mocassin. Turn your attention to the Wirral though and it means something entirely different, something remarkable, wistful and mesmeric. The musical nom de plume of...
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For the past nine years, Liverpudlian trio Married to the Sea have been hard at work perfecting their vision of rowdy pop that people can dance to. In that time they’ve supported everyone from Ra Ra Riot and Idlewild...
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Bombastic bass, wobbly synths and TNGHT-tinted brass combine in ‘Evil Twin‘. Released as the title track of Krrum’s first EP, ‘Evil Twin’ is upbeat, electronic R&B with an infectious hook. Huge beats prevail amidst this tale of struggle with...
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Bands named after little known territorial disputes between two of the world’s more peaceful and easygoing nations are, to put it mildly, quite rare. Yet the tiny Hans Island finds itself not only the subject of a long-rumbling and...


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