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Keyes’ voice itself runs in a deep modern pop tradition, and is reminiscent of fellow up and coming contemporaries such as New Yorker Verite. It’s little wonder, then, that her debut track ‘Veins’ has racked up more than ten...
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Pop music might be a malleable thing, but very few new artists have the nerve to really play around with it, let alone the energy and skill to come away with something noteworthy afterwards. FUNKTIONSLUST might well be one...
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Let’s not beat around the bush here; yes, this is the same Johnny Lloyd that fronted the recently departed and brief darlings of indie rock, Tribes. But worry not, dear cynic, as his new solo material is mighty impressive....
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It’s been ages since I got excited about British electro-pop, but London-based three-piece Years & Years have made me sit up and take notice. Billed by Disorder Magazine “as if Nina Simone is crooning a melodic lullaby to the...
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Introductory years don’t come much better than the 2013 that London newcomers Jungle have experienced. They hit the ground running with their debut track ‘Platoon’ back in May – which has now amassed mind boggling stats on Soundcloud and...
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London’s Jungle are set to release AA single Platoon/Drops on July 15th through Chess Club – and it’s an absolute peach. Coupled with a brilliant video, lead track ‘Platoon’ is an eye-catching soul-groove, but it’s Drops that we’re taking...
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The splendid lo-fi tones of Tea Leigh have been attractively airbrushed in this new, studio version of ‘Rushing In’. Still sporting its effortlessly endearing folk penchants on its sleeve however, the track manages to far outclass its respective demo...


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