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Today’s tip comes from a rare East Anglian bloom called Daisy Victoria. ‘Nobody Dies’ is an impressively architectural slice of electronic pop, which showcases Victoria’s elegant, powerful voice. Chiming guitars give way to a subtly driving riff, introducing the song’s mere three chords. Production duties are discharged by Daisy’s brother Sam, who throws in some neat little breaks in between the verses, like narrow filigree passageways conjoining the vaulted atria of a crystal cathedral.

Inevitably, comparisons have been made between Daisy Victoria and [insert female artist of choice here]. Her previous release, ‘Heart Full Of Beef’, a noisier and less subtle affair, proves she can hold her own alongside spiky nu-divas like Findlay. But ‘Nobody Dies’ shows she’s not restricted by genre, and can evoke ethereal balladry just as easily as competing with noisy electric guitars. It appears she’s played a couple of sessions on BBC Radio Norfolk this year – one wonders what Alan Partridge would have made of her. Perhaps his greatest compliment: “You can actually hear her wuthering.” Indeed.

Words by Martin Sharman

Tipped by Adam from Alphabet Bands

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