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Storytelling Workshop

Interactive workshop aimed at creative professionals looking to grow your confidence and learn new techniques to engage audiences

This interactive workshop is aimed at professionals in cultural, creative or digital industries looking to grow your confidence and learn new techniques to overcome nerves, engage an audience and to weave an impactful story that conveys your message and gets you the result you want.

You will receive a brief to develop a 1-minute pitch, based on 3 images at the start of the session. Each image will be shown on screen during your presentation for 20 seconds and will form the introduction, the hook and the ask. It is up to you to decide which order they will go in and what the story is.

Using performing arts professionals from Newcastle College, you will work in small groups and progress through three different mini workshops to hone your technique & narrative. You will then get the chance to deliver your pitch to your peers & mentors in the theatre space and receive constructive criticism to further refine your story.

Following this workshop, you will be invited to our next Breakfast Networking event where you will have the chance to deliver a talk using the techniques you’ve learnt through this workshop, in a friendly and informal setting.

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