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Chi isn’t a complete greenhorn when it comes to making music; the singer has worked with TDH Productions as well as Grades. ‘Hard To Be Happy’ is her first solo single, though, and it’s a folk-R’n’B mashup that stays...
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With her debut outing, Grace Lightman has done the seemingly impossible. Pop music has seen its fair share of songs consumed by heartbreak. In the face of them all, however, ‘Vapour Trails’ still somehow manages to sound fresh and...
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Family Friends are an Australian and British, brother-sister led five-piece who have a penchant for old school equipment and recording. Their first single ‘On Your Mind’ is a raw and hazy ode to retro psychedelic and grunge. It has an Americanised...
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We’re very pleased to be premiering the video for the crazily talented Rocky Nti’s debut single ‘Ride On’ over on The Tipping Point today. The Milton Keynes native has racked up some pretty hefty plays in the last twelve...
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Sometimes all you want from a song is a fuzzy, chugging beat, a subtly distorted vocal singing a distinctively melodic topline, and some lyrics about burning stuff down. If that day is today, dear reader, then you’re in luck,...
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All I could find out about Cotton Wolf is that they are two blokes (judging from their photo on SoundCloud) and they hail from Cardiff. I guess they decided just to let the music do the talking, and in...
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From Feldspar’s upcoming EP comes ‘Five Years’, an eerie tune of obsession sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck. “If I can’t have you, no one can.” This creepy line dangles on the edge of the...
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Storms are a London-based four-piece whose sound fuses a kind of grungy noisiness with psychedelic sentimentalities producing something of a mellow and relaxed stoner rock. Their most recent release, ‘Girl’, is a tale of love and hate and the...
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Keyes’ voice itself runs in a deep modern pop tradition, and is reminiscent of fellow up and coming contemporaries such as New Yorker Verite. It’s little wonder, then, that her debut track ‘Veins’ has racked up more than ten...


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