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Chi isn’t a complete greenhorn when it comes to making music; the singer has worked with TDH Productions as well as Grades. ‘Hard To Be Happy’ is her first solo single, though, and it’s a folk-R’n’B mashup that stays...
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Storms are a London-based four-piece whose sound fuses a kind of grungy noisiness with psychedelic sentimentalities producing something of a mellow and relaxed stoner rock. Their most recent release, ‘Girl’, is a tale of love and hate and the...
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Hot off the back of a tour with rising folk star Nick Mulvey, multi-instrumentalist Fictionian introduces his third piece of music, ‘Make it Be Ours’. Intertwining, folk roots, and resonating the earthly quaintness of bands like Death Cab for...
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The apparently LA-based Pooltheory is another of those mysterious artists who emerge with precious little information attached. Frankly, I’d say that to retain a degree of anonymity in an age where everyone needs to know everything about everyone is...
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Manchester group We Were Strangers might be living up to the own past tense in their name. With an intensely atmospheric sound and a slowly developing fan base, even after only releasing two tracks on to the world, they’re...


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