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Sometimes all you want from a song is a fuzzy, chugging beat, a subtly distorted vocal singing a distinctively melodic topline, and some lyrics about burning stuff down. If that day is today, dear reader, then you’re in luck,...
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Every once in a while there is a band that comes completely out of nowhere, unbeknownst to even the most informed in the respective local music scene. In the latter end of 2014, that band was Pretty Vicious. Emerging...
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  Set for release on Valentine’s Day, this quirky little number from Birmingham producer/songwriter Rude has certainly got folks talking across the blogosphere. Already featured by the likes of Crack In The Road, Kick Kick Snare and The Music Ninja,...
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Hailing from North London, Rhett Nicholl has entered into the Tipping Point limelight as somewhat of a mysterious figure. With very little information online, what we do know comes in the form of his début effort ‘Borderline’ and a...
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While Eaves may be a new face here in the limelight of Tipping Point Towers, I have been following his development since mid last year as he would upload new demos seemingly without warning and then proceed to go...
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Adio Marchant aka Bipolar Sunshine, former vocalist of Kid British, has been busy creating catchy, soulful, RnB-come-indie-pop all the way from Manchester this year; and what a year it has been. Ever since we first featured him on our...
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Very little is known about today’s tip Vaults, well, pretty much nothing in fact, except that they’re London-based. A few days ago, the mysterious ensemble uploaded the perfectly produced, radio-ready ‘Cry No More’ to their Soundcloud page, a track...
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It’s always a pleasure to be able to focus our Tipping Point limelight onto an exciting new artist from our very own North East pastures, and this week the pleasure is owed to production duo Gary Dempsey & Craig...
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I first wrote about Blessa towards the end of 2012 for Crack in the Road, and in that time I have had the pleasure of catching the band live and seeing their development move from strength to strength. Rightfully...


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