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A relative newcomer to live music performance, you’re more likely to hear Jennifer’s compositions across an array of independent short films and installations. Ingredients include sonic wails, breaks, blips and glitches, driven forward by a visceral heartbeat of bass....
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Originating from Beirut, Tay Salem has found the dark moody streets of London to be the perfect home and backdrop to this inspiration debut E.P. Launched through Alter The Motion the powerfully atmospheric track ‘Palms’ sits right in the middle...
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The days might be drawing shorter and that unmistakable autumn chill creeping towards us, but Brixton-based producer Joe Hertz is here to stretch those summer twilights out just that little bit longer with the luscious Playing For You. With...
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Having the same name as a 17th century French composer can be somewhat problematic in the Google search department. I couldn’t find anything about Lully, other than the track I was handed, but that creates a nice air of...
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Liverpool-based electronic producers DROHNE are breath of fresh air within the genre at the moment. As new artists perfect their grooves and clean cut melodies, the duo are concocting some dark and mysterious sounds. Reminiscent of acts like Trust...
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Electronic duos are ten a penny nowadays, so if you’re going to try and break through then you need a little something extra to tip you over the edge. La Roux had it on their debut album thanks to...
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When someone describe their music as being “a messy mind over raw, dark jazz grooves”, intrigue immediately kicks in and you really want to know what that sounds like. Even if you are a bit wary of what you’re...
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London producer Model 86’s creative blend of electronic and hip-hop continues to develop beyond any predictable boundaries. First catching our attention with Holdin’, the tracks fusion of sliced samples are a refreshing throwback to hip-hop’s golden era producers like...
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“So many people telling me I should be living easy” Summer is here and whilst 2016’s summer-months usher in the prevalence of factor–50, lurid green alcoholic mixers, and nostalgia-tinged internet-memes like Simpsonwave: it’s clear listening to London-based Aaron’s new...


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