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Click on the URL link to oh800’s website and you’re swiftly directed to a screen with a cartoonish image of a credit card alongside their debut single ‘Character Building’. Adult life and all of its formalities doesn’t seem to...
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Acid washed fuzz funk? Is that even a genre? Probably not, but if it was to ever be invented it would be to describe this tune from the enigmatic Artificial Pleasure. Chock-filled with 80s musical tropes (gated reverb on...
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“So many people telling me I should be living easy” Summer is here and whilst 2016’s summer-months usher in the prevalence of factor–50, lurid green alcoholic mixers, and nostalgia-tinged internet-memes like Simpsonwave: it’s clear listening to London-based Aaron’s new...
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This afternoon’s tip is a debut from London based Zach Said. His track ‘Screw Loose‘ gives a new spin on catchy soul that has a great potential to infiltrate the mainstream; in that ‘Happy’ kind of way, but this...
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Details around four-piece PREP are scarce as yet. What we do know is that they’re made up of a Hip Hop producer, a House DJ, a singer/songwriter and a classical composer – and they’re capable of producing fantastically dreamy...
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London based Chiara Hunter gives us a powerful funk driven pop song with her debut single ‘Strange Relationships’. Describing herself as future funk / power pop, Hunter fuses funk throwback sensibilities; echoing the likes of Prince but with enough...
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220,000 plays in less than two weeks is a pretty impressive feat, especially for an artist who’s only released one song online, yet that’s what London-based Rationale have achieved with their song ‘Fast Lane’. By harnessing all the best...
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I read a story last night before bed. Once upon a time, a young fella named Prince Rogers Nelson made a trip to Stockport, and left behind a seed, a beautifully crafted sparkly seed which is now set to...


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