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With her debut outing, Grace Lightman has done the seemingly impossible. Pop music has seen its fair share of songs consumed by heartbreak. In the face of them all, however, ‘Vapour Trails’ still somehow manages to sound fresh and...
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Family Friends are an Australian and British, brother-sister led five-piece who have a penchant for old school equipment and recording. Their first single ‘On Your Mind’ is a raw and hazy ode to retro psychedelic and grunge. It has an Americanised...
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Having racked up over 200,000 listens it’s safe to say that DAUNT’s ‘This Body Rushes’ has been well received. Online, there’s a bit of a mystery over whom or what DAUNT is, reportedly it’s a London based act, but...
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This track comes from the Province EP being released by UK producer Haich and featuring a host of UK MCs, this time it’s the turn of Luui. ‘Onetwo’ is a tricky inspired piece of chilled out hip-hop with the...
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Fleu, pronounced ‘flow’, is a brand new duo signed to Odd Child Recordings. Odd Child is a label belonging to Simon Cowell’s Syco group, so it’s not surprising that this tune possesses catchy pop qualities. ‘Magic’ is squeaky clean...
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It feels as though there’s been a gradual loosening of the pernicious pomposity towards straight-up pop music in the last couple of years, even in the more ‘serious’ corners of the music press, which is pretty great. In these...
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Getting your first track premiered by The Fader isn’t a bad way to start proceedings, and that’s exactly what new London artist Bo Rocha has done with ‘Tangerine Flake’. Cinematic, soothing and calm, the track is sparsely populated with...
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I have to admit to a certain amount of trepidation on being asked to review London duo MAJIK as any purposeful misspelling of a word when used as a band name usually signals cod-funk or bland soul. Thankfully, new...
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London based The Moon appear to be in that early stage of elusiveness still having released very little information about themselves up to this point. However, their first track ‘Eureka Moment’, a song that has a grunge-indie hybrid feel...


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