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‘Sorry‘, an ambient track combining elements of folk, soul and electronica, is the debut release from Ider, a fresh new duo out of North London who have been working together for less than a year. Lyrically the song focuses...
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Maybe they are big vampire fans but Fang Night’s name is a tad misleading. Is it a goth metal band or Twilight chat room? Thankfully not. On the upside this enigmatic duo from London are making some really tasty...
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Today’s tip is ‘House For You‘, the new offering from elusive London trio LOYAL. For a sophomore single, ‘House For You‘ is an incredibly accomplished and distinctive track, sporting dainty, hypnotic vocal hooks amongst intriguing, dreamlike house production. The...
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Modern music is filled with re-imaginings of classic eras gone by and today’s track, from London pop duo Glass, does that well … mining 80s influences to create a brand new 2016 sound in the form of ‘Broken Bones‘....
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Of all the new electronic bands currently gaining momentum in London, few deserve your attention more than Our Mother. The freshness of their sound lands the quartet loosely in the bedroom producer category, but with a shining immediacy that...
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“This is Jekyll and Hyde. Have you ever had a war with your mind? It’s like I’m two men.” As Grime re-emerges from its latest existential crisis, Dave (aka Santan Dave) is a 19 year old MC fighting to...
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Blending smooth, soulful r&b with sparse and atmospheric electronica is very much a thing to do for budding producers these days, but few are doing it as well as enigmatic London duo seyr right now. As the opening bars...
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On ‘London’ Grace Acladna sings an intriguing paean on her love for her hometown of London expressing both the optimism and harsh reality of living in that city. Using her chorally tinged soulful vocals and exquisitely layered electronic production she...
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You might be all decked out in your macs, boots and cosy jumpers in all the shades of the falling leaves, but with ‘Limousine’ London’s Beach Baby are still all donning their Hawaiian shirts and clinging to the summery vibes. As...


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