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When you think of a one-man band you’d probably imagine a guy with long socks, a keyboard strapped to him, drum on his back and cymbals around his head. Well, that stereotype is changing. Emerging artist Youngr is definitely...
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Soulful singer-songwriter from Durham, Harri Endersby is set to storm the contemporary folk scene in the North East. Mixing acoustic and electronic elements in her new album Homes/Lives , Harri develops a more ethereal, otherworldly feel than her previous...
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A relative newcomer to live music performance, you’re more likely to hear Jennifer’s compositions across an array of independent short films and installations. Ingredients include sonic wails, breaks, blips and glitches, driven forward by a visceral heartbeat of bass....
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Personal problems are always hard to go through, but when you’re an artist you at least have the ability to be able to channel your feelings at the hardest of times into your craft. Making sure whatever you’ve created...
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Having the same name as a 17th century French composer can be somewhat problematic in the Google search department. I couldn’t find anything about Lully, other than the track I was handed, but that creates a nice air of...
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Kicking off with a Killers esque intro, ‘Pale‘ by Liverpool band Shallows touches on many alt-indie cornerstones whilst retaining it’s own unique character. Combining reverb-drenched lead guitar lines with tasteful synth noise the band manage to craft an ethereal...
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After bursting onto the scene in a blaze of blog glory at the end of last year with ‘People Say‘, the enigmatic Seramic continued to get pulses racing with follow up track, ‘Waiting‘. The blend of pop and neo-soul...
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“So many people telling me I should be living easy” Summer is here and whilst 2016’s summer-months usher in the prevalence of factor–50, lurid green alcoholic mixers, and nostalgia-tinged internet-memes like Simpsonwave: it’s clear listening to London-based Aaron’s new...
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Strikingly simple and clean, Joy Atlas’ latest track ‘Drop your sword‘ is an intricate creation and a curious delight. Glitchy drums, flirty synths, angular bass patterns come together in perfect union with Beccy Owens’ piercingly beautiful vocals. Floating above the...


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