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#DUSocial Podcasting Masterclass – A Round-Up

The Masterclass was split into 2 main sections: Recording and Distribution. Ian kicked off the Masterclass by giving us a bit of an insight into the reality of starting a podcast, and the level of work that goes into...
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Social Media Masterclasses Set To Launch in 2019

Following the success of previous social media workshops hosted by Generator, which runs Digital Union, the #DUSocial series, set to launch in January, consists of monthly half-day masterclasses offering high-quality guidance and expert insight into the ever-changing world of...
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Stand Out From The Crowd With Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Despite issues of transparency with some influencers/celebrities not using appropriate hashtags such as #ad or #spon, this marketing trend continues to grow in popularity and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Due to the increased number...
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Top 5 Benefits Of Social Media In The Workplace

Social media certainly has its disadvantages, however, there are so many benefits it can bring to the workplace, from communication to promotion. If a workplace has a social media ban, it is likely the employees are ignoring the ban...
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Strong Brand Storytelling: Going Beyond The Product

You’ve probably all heard the saying that “people buy from people” – when we interact with a brand and ultimately become a customer, we want to know that our business is going to someone who we relate to in...


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