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Less is more, or so the adage goes. Not so in the case of Kassassin Street, however. Having made waves in the South Coast scene in 2014, their grand ambitions for the new year are signalled loud and clear...
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Bubbling under the surface, coming ever closer to the boil, 19-year-old Kate Miller joins an ever-growing list of exciting, young British female vocalists who are vying for 2014 to be their year. First attracting attention late in 2013, Miller...
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‘Station’ is a sumptuous downtempo track created by Holly Lapsley a 17- year-old producer, of atmospheric electronic music, from Liverpool. Her music revolves around her unique downtempo production style as well as influences from house, garage and bass. Her...
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Chlöe Howl had the great honour of being our first tip of the year. Nearly twelve months on she’s proven to be one of 2013’s best. Since we first featured Chlöe way back in January, she reached the ripe old age...
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It starts with a glitch. An electronic blip, crashes into a canvas of silence, painting it with a complex, down-tempo slice of electro pop goodness. That disturbance comes courtesy of Elderbrook, a UK based singer songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist...
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I read a story last night before bed. Once upon a time, a young fella named Prince Rogers Nelson made a trip to Stockport, and left behind a seed, a beautifully crafted sparkly seed which is now set to...
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The ever gazing eye of Tipping Point Towers now falls upon Glasgow, with electro-pop trio Prides taking centre stage. Already endorsed by the effervescently popular CHVRCHES, Prides are the reincarnation of Midnight Lion, and the sense of a growth...
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Probably the very last thing you’d expect to come out of Lancaster, Aquilo took the blogosphere by storm last month with their debut track ‘Calling Me’. This factoid does make their Facebook page, which states it was created only...
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Allowing your debut single to surface in the dying days of 2012 will certainly spark a wave of excitement that will carry on through the new year barrier and land you with the tagline “Keep an eye out for...


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