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GIRLI rails against gender stereotypes on new track ‘Girls Get Angry Too‘; bemoaning the arbitrary societal expectations of both sexes. “Someone said to me that girls don’t really get angry – they just whine, while another person told me...
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“This is Jekyll and Hyde. Have you ever had a war with your mind? It’s like I’m two men.” As Grime re-emerges from its latest existential crisis, Dave (aka Santan Dave) is a 19 year old MC fighting to...
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As winter finally starts to bite here in the UK and ice, snow and frozen toes become the norm, we need something to thaw us out, warm us up and get us going again. Step forward Bonzai who has...
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Hailing from North London, Fredwave gives us his fresh take on alternative soul with new song ‘Kno Betta’. The self-produced track is a hazy wave of electronics that are surrounded by his inimitable, unhibited and sometimes distorted anglicised voice....
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Grime seems to be having something of a renaissance. A second generation of grime artists, inspired by pioneers such as Skepta, are riding this wave of popularity right into the Royal Albert Hall or onto the stage at the...
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Today’s tip comes from London-based experimental urban artist Jayah. On ‘Follow Me’ he serves up a bed of smooth synth waves, topped with his suave, half-spoken, half-sung, lyrical flow. Initially the story appears to be the usual boy-meets-girl-and-raps-about her,...


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