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Strap in and get ready for a relentless and intense two minutes thirty, courtesy of Littlehampton based GLOO. ‘Let Me Have Some’ is the new single to come from the punk duo and it’s non-stop riffing and driving drums...
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‘Dream Wife‘ is a 1953 romantic comedy starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, in which a businessman breaks off his engagement to his workaholic girlfriend to be with an “old fashioned” woman from the fictional country of Bukistan. Apparently...
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Alt-rock trio Dama Scout may have formed over Hadrian’s in Glasgow and London respectively, but their noise-pop stylings are well heeled in 80’s post punk and 90’s alternative rock with spikey guitar riffs, waves of distortion and the quiet/loud...
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When I first heard ‘Get Off‘, I was sure Zuzu would be a band, rather than the name and work of a multi-talented solo writer. In this track she’s accompanied by a talented backing band who rise and fall...
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Luxury Death burst onto the scene this summer surfing a wave of hype. This is mostly of course due to the appealing sounds created by the chemical spark Ben Thompson and Meg Williams channel, but also in no small...
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‘Rounder’, the latest single from Essex quartet SuperGlu may only clock in at just under 2 and half minutes, but it is packed full of joyful harmonies and 60’s pop sensibilities. From the first few bars I defy you...
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GIRLI rails against gender stereotypes on new track ‘Girls Get Angry Too‘; bemoaning the arbitrary societal expectations of both sexes. “Someone said to me that girls don’t really get angry – they just whine, while another person told me...
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‘Slug’, the new single from London based feminist post punks Petrol Girls is the first track to feature from their highly anticipated follow up to 2014’s debut, self-titled EP. The song kills from the first note with guitar riffs...
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It might be the season of good cheer, but Estrons (which means “aliens” in Welsh) are ignoring such fripperies and coming at you with three minutes of thrashy guitar pop guaranteed to knock the baubles off your tree and...


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