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“Our national print and design competitors have been leaving us behind in recent times both in terms of the functionality of their sites and their digital reach. We knew we needed to improve things but didn't have the budget or the contacts. Thanks to Digital Support, we have a fully functional web platform and have been armed with the tools needed to get noticed. ”.

Gary Richardson Managing Director at 100 Hands

“I have recently completed the Generator Digital Bootcamp course that has been incredibly educational to me. This course has taught me a number of soft skills that are essential in this industry including Agile, Scrum and how to conduct a design sprint just to name a few. This course also showed me how to work as a team within this industry and has given me a taste of agency life. This has only fuelled my passion for wanting to be a part of it.”.

Chris Jennings Bootcamp Graduate

“We needed some direction on how to implement our ideas and the Scale Up programme has helped us to put these ideas into real action allowing us to expand our operational capacity and future sales opportunities. The coaches were great, very engaging and sympathetic towards our cause. It's been a massive help in terms of business management and helping design new products. We now stand out in the marketplace which has increased sales and we have taken on more staff. ”.

Craig Hawkes Owner at Docyoumentary Films Ltd.

“Since returning from London and launching Drama Geeks, I had found it really difficult to get my website off the ground and get enquiries for my business. Digital Support helped me dramatically improve my website, open up the channels available to me and helped me get found on Google. I'd recommend this service to any company who has a brilliant product but doesn't have the time or the digital know-how to open a whole new customer base. ”.

Charlotte Reid Founder of Drama Geek Studios

“Guidance from Generator was integral to the start of our business and their ongoing support has been invaluable for the growth and success of our careers. ”.

Peter Banks Owner, Fandangle Films

“Generator’s Digital Bootcamp will provide those looking to enter the industry with essential insights into the workings of an agile digital business. hedgehog lab is committed to boosting skills in the North East tech sector and is delighted to be involved in this forward-thinking initiative.”.

Ray Clarke Chief Design Officer

“After supporting Generator as a previous Artist Development Partner in 2015, I’m delighted that Help Musicians is collaborating with Generator once more, joining them in celebrating the 10th anniversary of the North East’s biggest platform for new and emerging talent. It’s wonderful to see the continuing development of artists like Cape Cub who, 3 years ago, were beginning their professional journey and are back this year as a headline act among other incredible musicians. A festival promoting career development within a thriving music community reflects perfectly the ethos of Help Musicians UK which is why we’re pleased to be support Evolution Emerging.”.

Claire Gevaux Creative Director, Help Musicians UK

“Our coach, Andrew [Archer], has been a great sounding board for me to understand exactly how I can use my skills commercially, which of my skills are most useful and attractive to clients outside the industry as well as techniques in finding clients at the start of my career. The advice he has given me in regard to tax and finances has been invaluable. We have already started to work professionally together and I hope this will continue onto future projects. ”.

Paul Trickett Owner at Paul Trickett Animation

“Justin [souter] is very experienced in the business model canvas, lean start-up, and other ways of thinking about early-stage product proposition development. We were constantly pushed to start validating and testing our assumptions rather than leaving them in-articulated. In addition, with Justin's support on our current project, we managed to meet some high-level clients, such as the head of the Greater Manchester planning staff. Justin is now helping us to shape up our business proposition in preparation to approach Northstar Ventures. ”.

Sebastian Weise Owner at Place Changers

“I got in contact with Generator’s support program manager, who was extremely helpful and put me in contact with one of its business coaches, Andrew Archer from Loft Studios. I have had a number of coaching sessions with Andrew and he's really helped me with my business right from the initial concept through to being a fully functioning business. The support from Andrew has been instrumental in getting me started. What I particularly like is that Andrew runs his own successful business in the industry which I’m in and I have found his advice to be very pragmatic. He has helped me with a range of business start up topics and has also helped me to minimise costs and he has put me in touch with some useful contacts I really appreciate the support and guidance. Andrew has given me and it has without a doubt spurred me on to take action and I now have an fully established business.”.

Jon Clappison Owner, Pulse Music Live

“As a contemporary folk band, it's not always easy to let our fans know where we're performing and when we've released things. We make great music, but we're no marketeers! Digital Support helped us connect with our audience in a completely different way to what we were used to and their support has enabled us to sell our latest album online. Digital Support rocks! ”.

Stew Simpson Artist

“Being part of of the always supportive, Digital Union has been invaluable for our business. Generator has made countless recommendations to others about us and we are lucky enough to be enrolled on the Digital Scale Up programme. Generator and Digital Union have really helped raise the profile of The Office Rocks within the North East and beyond. The training available via Generator to not only myself but also the rest of my team has been fantastic. I recommend Digital Union/Generator to all North East based tech and creative businesses. It really is a no brainer! ”.

Laura Middleton Owner

“The support we gained from our sessions with Highfly have allowed us to understand that working on the business is just as important as working in the business. In our sessions we worked with Sam to understand why our current customers have purchased from us and who are the customers we want to work with in the future. With Sam we set out our core message as a business and now better understand our core values and why customers should work with us. This has massively helped with the way we communicate with our customers current and prospective. Having Sam for the 6 sessions as our dedicated marketing expert was fantastic and his advice was invaluable!”.

Oliver Woods Founder of Woods & Walker


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